27 April 2007

Lab safety improved by Newport's Aegis Qube™ Beam Routing System

Designed to accommodate almost any setup, this system is designed to help protect users from exposure to harmful laser or light source output through routing, shielding, and enclosing the optical beam above the table. By safeguarding the beam from physical obstruction, the shielding also reduces interference with experimental results.

The Aegis Qube™ System provides a hollow cube that holds and encloses a mirror mount, normally used to route the optical beam. Also included is a large selection of adjustable-length telescoping tubes to protect the beam, with cover plates that shield the open sides of the cube.

The Aegis Qube™ System is simply mounted on an optical table via stout pedestal post holder and clamping forks, which maximize positioning flexibility. Easy-to-assemble, this system's modular format allows for many configurations and future expandability.

Contact: Jon Richardson

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