27 April 2007

Laser manufacturer wins Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation

Rofin-Sinar UK Ltd, based in Kingston upon Hull, an internationally recognised manufacturer of sealed gas lasers that are used to cut, drill, weld and mark a range of engineering materials has won the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation. The Award is one of the UK's most prestigious awards for business performance and recognises companies which have demonstrated commercial success through innovative products or services. It was conferred on Rofin-Sinar on Saturday 21 April the Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.

In particular the award has been made in recognition of Rofin-Sinar's successful development of the ROFIN SCx60, the world's most powerful RF excited, sealed CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser. Designed to be integrated into laser based processing systems, the ROFIN SCx60 is used for marking, cutting, drilling, welding or heat treating a wide variety of materials including plastics, steel, glass and ceramics. The laser's innovative features include radio frequency amplifiers and a new mechanical structure which combine to produce high performance from a relatively compact and light weight unit. In addition the new laser is equipped with an innovative ultra stable laser head that has been developed to maintain a constant high quality laser beam, even during warm up.

"We are delighted to receive the Queen's Award for Innovation", said Dr Ken Lipton, Rofn-Sinar's Managing Director. "Although the award is primarily granted for outstanding innovation, it also requires the winning products to be commercially successful and so every member of our company has contributed in some way to help us qualify. We have been designing and producing innovative lasers on this site for over ten years now, exporting 96% of our output around the world. It is particularly satisfying that the employees of the company have been recognised for their achievement in establishing us as a leader in this international field."

Set up ten years ago, Rofin-Sinar UK Ltd has 85 employees and an annual turnover of £11M. It is part of the worldwide Rofin group of companies.

Contact: Keith Clark

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