27 April 2007

UK breakthrough aims to revolutionise UV laser micromachining

London-based Midaz Lasers Ltd manufactures an innovative range of diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers based on proprietary technology. "We offer an unparalleled combination of increased efficiency and ultra-compact size, enabling Midaz to frequency triple its IR lasers into high power, high pulse rep rate, compact, DPSS UV lasers," said founder & CTO Professor Mike Damzen. 'Nothing on the market comes close to our UV DPSS laser sources in terms of highest output power at the highest pulse repetition rate with the best beam quality" added Mike. "Almost perfect beam quality with output power up to 25 Watts and high pulse rep rate to beyond 1MHz makes Midaz UV lasers ideal for micromachining of silicon and various semiconductor processing applications." Midaz has already successfully demonstrated high power DPSS IR lasers and the Company has now set its sights on the UV laser micromachining market.

Contact: Dennis Camilleri

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