16 May 2007

High Q introduces the new picoTRAIN™ Green IC-532-

High Q Laser has introduced the picoTRAIN™ Green IC-532-12000 - a high power picosecond oscillator with integrated second harmonic generation (SHG) delivering 20 W at a wavelength of 1064 nm and 12 W at 532 nm in a 76 MHz pulse train with 6 ps pulses. The SHG is performed in a separate module via non-critical phase matching with a high grade BBO crystal. The temperature control of the BBO crystal is achieved by a Peltier element controlled by the laser driver. The laser offers two separate output ports for 532 nm and 1064 nm. A variable beam splitter controls the power distribution of 532 nm to 1064 nm radiation continuously. The TEM00 laser beam displays a beam quality of M2 < 1.2. The 532 nm and the 1064 nm pulse trains are temporally synchronized. The picoTRAIN™ Green is also available at power levels of 4 W, 6 W and 8 W at 532 nm respectively for cost sensitive applications.

The picoTRAIN™ Green IC-532-12000 is based on High Q Lasers proven Industrial Compatible (IC) platform. The IC platform is of compact design and has a small footprint of only 630 mm x 200 mm x 80 mm (l x w x h) facilitating system integration of OEM customers. High Q Laser utilizes URDM (User Replaceable Diode Module) technology for direct diode pumping, enabling the customer for a quick and simple exchange of the pump laser diodes after their end of life of typical 10,000 hours. The IC platform is machined from a massive piece of aluminium and is forming a Monolithic Aluminium case leading to low vibration coupling. The laser resonator is supported by industrial mirror mounts, which are optimized by finite element method and show zero degrees of freedom. A recirculation cooling circuit through the massive ground plate and through the URDM is giving thermal stabilization of the IC platform. Optionally the IC platform is available with air cooling for low laser power levels. The monolithic housing is manufactured in a class 1000 clean room and is sealed off for longest hands-free operation. All those measure ensure an exceptional spatial and temporal stability of the laser output beam.

Customer benefits include user friendliness and true turnkey behaviour. The system offers easy operation with a single phase power supply. All functions of the laser system can be remote controlled and all relevant parameters can be acquired from the system via a serial interface, which is important for commercial system integrators. Direct diode pumping and the use of BBO as SHG crystal leads to low maintenance cost.

The excellent temporal and spatial overlap of 532 nm and 1064nm pulse trains makes the system especially suitable for the pumping of Optical Parametric Oscillators, ultrafast spectroscopy, multi-photon imaging and materials microprocessing.

Contact: Cliff Jolliffe

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