16 May 2007

Next generation high power fibre-coupled diode lasers from JDS Uniphase

JDS Uniphase has introduced the 6397-L3 fibre-coupled diode laser , one of the next generation of single emitter laser diodes delivering 8W from a 105 ┬Ám fibre into a 0.2 numerical aperture (NA) at three wavelengths: 915 nm, 940 nm and 975 nm. "This flagship model provides an unsurpassed combination of power, reliability and brightness for next generation fibre laser architectures," said Doug Neilson of Photonic Solutions PLC, the UK distributor of the JDS Uniphase range of laser products.

The 6397-L3 multimode pump module is a re-design of the existing fibre-coupled L2 package, and moves away from the standard bar-based pumping architecture, instead incorporating a telecommunications design within this commercial product. This L3 package extends JDS Uniphase's fibre-laser pump power by more than 20% and reinforces the commercial laser industry's transition to "telecom-grade" diode laser products.

Contact: Douglas Neilson

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