22 May 2007

Agilite 560 variable pulse-width, high-energy Nd:YAG laser from Continuum.

Continuum, manufacturers of Nd:YAG, dye, high-energy OPO systems and custom lasers, has launched the Agilite 560 laser. The Agilite 560 is a powerful new class of high-energy Nd:YAG laser and is the first standard platform, variable pulse-width, high-energy Nd:YAG laser on the market place.

Based on new technology that has been developed through a close partnership of the custom group and the industrial laser group at Continuum, the system comprises an innovative laser design that allows for programmable pulse widths. The innovative optical design, a distributed intelligence control system and intuitive graphical interface (GUI) make this laser the most versatile standard platform laser available.

The achievable pulse energy of the Agilite 560 is dependent on pulse-width, repetition rate and wavelength, but with programmable pulse-widths from 50ns to 100 µs, and repetition rates from 1 to 100Hz, greater than 600mJ per pulse can be achieved from this unique laser when running at 10Hz with 80 µs pulse duration. The flexible nature of this single source will see it used within a wide and varied range of applications such as Doppler Lidar, Laser Doppler Velocimetry, Ballistic Imaging and OPCPA pumping.

The Agilite 560 was launched at CLEO 2007 in Baltimore, but a full technical information bulletin will be available from both Photonic Solutions PLC and Continuum at the LASER 2007 exhibition at the Munich International Trade Fair in June.

Photonic Solutions PLC is the UK distributor of the Continuum range of products. Please contact us for information on the Agilite 560 or for information on the full range Continuum lasers.

Contact: Douglas Neilson

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