22 May 2007

Powerlase Advances Global Leadership in Laser Technology for PDP Manufacture

Powerlase Ltd, manufacturers of the world's most powerful nanosecond Q-switched, diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers, has announced the introduction of two brand new high power Starlase lasers, the Starlase A012 and A016.

The new lasers will continue to meet the demand of the Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacture industry with both the A012 and AO16 furthering Powerlase's leadership in the development of Rapid Laser Patterning (RLP) for Plasma Display Panels (PDP), where approximately 60% of global PDP production relies on Powerlase laser systems.

Starlase AO12

The A012 is designed to meet the needs of global PDP manufacturers with high power output of 1200 Watts at a wavelength of 1064nm designed to enhance the speed of Rapid Laser Patterning (RLP) demanded by today's plasma display customers.

Starlase A016

Both the AO12 and A016 lasers build on the success of the Power-Oscillator, Power-Amplifier (POPA) architecture used in the industrially proven Starlase AO6 and AO8 lasers. The A016 offers 1600 Watts of output power at a wavelength of 1064nm, providing further flexibility for our (FPD) customers.

These lasers will enhance the portfolio of products at Powerlase needed to address many thin-film patterning applications on a range of commonly used substrates. In addition to the unprecedented high power, these lasers are specifically designed with a beam quality optimised for easy homogenisation, enabling a highly uniform spatial profile for all mask imaging applications.

Tony King, CEO of Powerlase comments, "Following global agreements with Samsung and LG, Powerlase has become a significant global supplier of lasers to the PDP market.

"The development of the Starlase A012 and A016 lasers demonstrates our relentless drive to further developments in laser technology to meet real world needs. Our existing technology is already proving world class for PDP manufacture.

"I'm delighted that we are continuing to break new ground in partnership with our customers and partners in forcing the next generation technology for existing manufacturing challenges and in developing novel methods for emerging manufacturing techniques."

Contact: Annette Jones

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