11 June 2007

Aerotech LMA/LMAC positioning actuators for speed and precision in high-throughput production and test applications

With a travel range up to 1.5 metres, speeds up to 5 m/s, 5 g acceleration and micron level positioning accuracy, Aerotech's LMA and LMAC series linear actuators provide the enabling technology for high-throughput / high precision pick and place machines, automated test stations and assembly equipment.

Available in two module sizes with high performance linear brushless servomotors and integral feedback encoders, LMA/LMAC actuators include dual sealed linear motion guide bearings and robust chain type cable management for a complete positioning solution. LMA and LMAC actuators can be used as fixed or moving carriage positioners and may be applied to single axis positioning, X-Y mounting, dual parallel axis, Z axis and gantry style positioning systems.

The LMA version has a section of 140 mm x 120 mm (h x w) and a payload of 40 kg central loading with an offset load capability of 20 kg. The smaller LMAC model has an 84 mm x 90 mm section (h x w) with a 20 kg central and 10 kg offset loading. The actuators may be directly fixed without the need of adapter plates for a compact assembly. Both models are available in travel ranges from 100 mm to 1500 mm (in 100 mm increments) and have a positioning accuracy of ±1 µm/25 mm as standard or a calibrated accuracy of ±5 µm over the entire travel length when used with an Aerotech controller. Repeatability is within ± 0.5 µm.

The LMA and LMAC actuator range suits high speed and high throughput precision applications with the non-contact linear brushless servomotor and integral linear encoder providing maximum life and minimum maintenance. When compared to ball screw driven actuators, much higher speed and acceleration is possible whilst comparisons with belt driven actuators reveal a far superior accuracy combined with higher precision positioning with much faster settling times. The actuators provide extremely smooth velocity control for interpolated multi axis applications such as scanning or dispensing.

The robust design, based around dual linear motion guide precision bearings mounted on a sturdy base-plate, is both compact and adaptable for a wide range of positioning applications. A range of standard "off the shelf" models are available, fully tested and complete with cable management and all connectors for quick and easy commissioning. The range also lends itself to custom designs with modifications such as increased bearing width for higher offset loading, integral multi-axis rather than individual cable management, counterbalances for vertical Z axis mounting and adapters for air supply or for customers own fixtures.

Each Aerotech system is delivered fully tested with all performance and calibration related documents. Everything required for quick and straightforward commissioning is covered including all motor parameter set-up data based on actual loading conditions. Full product training and comprehensive on-line technical support is also included making the true cost of ownership of Aerotech positioning systems extremely competitive.

Contact: Cliff Jolliffe

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