11 June 2007

First 3D - 6 axis machining available in the UK

The Laser Cutting Company has recently installed a 3D - 6 axis laser cutting machine. The new machine is capable of processing three dimensional parts including tube, pipe and structural sections up to 8m (26ft) long in automatic feed mode.

The new process offers the facility to avoid or minimise separate processes such as sawing, milling, drilling and plasma cutting etc which necessitates considerable movement and handling of material.

A tab and slot design can eliminate the need for additional jigs. A mitre joint finished with a weld prep bevel reduces welding time and improves accuracy, appearance and quality of the finished product. Welding bevels up to 60o are possible.

Traditionally items can be handled six or seven times, involving set up at each operation. This can now be achieved in a single process. With the new machine weld prep can be offered as an integral part of the cutting process.

The minimal heat affected zone and the accuracy of parts is ideal for robotic welding.

Contact: Dee Wilde

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