11 June 2007

Newport Unveils Two New Handheld Optical Power Meters

Newport's new 842-PE optical power and energy meter is a new and improved version of the company's popular 841-PE instrument. It has a 100% larger display and a newly designed, custom enclosure. With a data transfer rate that is 20 times faster than its predecessor, the 842-PE supports CW, pulsed and RMS measurement modes. It is compatible with all of Newport's photodiode, thermopile and pyroelectric detectors,. The software interface features a GUI and menu structure including easy-to-use pull-down menus; peaking, statistics, math functions; analog and digital filters and plotting functions. The 842-PE supports a wide range of external interfaces including USB, RS-232, and Analog out.

With a wide range of 5 pW to 1 kW, the 1916-C handheld power meter is a cost-effective, single channel solution for optical power measurements. It can operate on standard AA batteries for hundreds of hours, maximizing convenience and portability. The large, 4-digit, LCD display is easy to read and intuitive enough to master in minutes. The 1916-C can be used with all of Newport's photodiode detectors for CW measurements or with Newport's thermopile detectors, which support both CW and pulsed modes.

The 842-PE and 1916-C instruments are compatible with the CE, RoHS, and WEEE directives.

Contact: Jon Richardson

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