11 June 2007

OpTek Systems Expands Operations into North America

OpTek Systems, the UK based manufacturer of laser based production tools and pioneers in lasers processing of optical fibre, has established a permanent presence in North America.

In response to continued strong growth in US sales, the company has set up a wholly owned subsidiary, OpTek Systems Inc. (OSI), with offices in New England and South Carolina.

In addition to local sales and customer support OSI will provide contract manufacturing services. A 2500ft2 manufacturing facility in Greenville, South Carolina, has been equipped to offer contract services based on OpTek's patented fibre processing technology. The move follows large scale adoption of the technology in telecom, industrial laser and biomedical markets.

The success of OpTek's business in North America is reflected throughout the world, with strong growth in the UK and Europe and a significant increase in Far East installations.

Managing Director Mike Osborne commented that "this is an exciting time for OpTek Systems and the establishment of our US subsidiary marks an important milestone in our strategic development plans for the business".

Contact: Gideon Foster-Turner

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