11 June 2007

Optical systems made from quartz for high-performance laser material processing

Optical design for applications in the UV range is based primarily on the use of quartz. This prevents interfering effects such as poor transmission quality and solarisation in addition to extending the lifespan of the optical systems significantly. The material consists of pure silicon dioxide whose special robustness is particularly suitable for high-power laser applications.

In addition, the use of quartz helps counteract the effects of multiphoton processes at the high beam powers used in material processing. The damage resulting from these processes extend from a temporary modification of the refractive index via colour changes lasting several days to spark formation with permanent fusing of the lens. In F-theta lenses or beam expanders with glass lenses these effects can also manifest themselves in focus displacement or changes in the beam profile.

The Linos product range includes standard objective lenses with quartz lenses. Examples of these are fixed and variable magnification beam expanders in addition to F-Theta lenses. The latest developments a 2x ... 8x beam expander for 532nm with an entrance lens made of quartz. This attractively priced special combination of quartz and glass provides an excellent alternative to the pure quartz version.

Contact: Jim Green

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