11 June 2007

Powerlase introduces new generation of Starlase Green and UV Lasers

Powerlase Ltd has launched two new acousto-optically switched lasers, the Starlase 300G and the Starlase 100UV. The two lasers have been created to meet customers' needs, with the designs answering a variety of application uses in flat panel display and automotive manufacture processes:

Starlase 300G

Designed as an manufacturing solution for low temperature poly-silicon annealing for the development and production of processed active matrix OLED (AMOLED) technology the future solution of choice for mid- to large-size displays, as well as for Solar Cell thin film scribing and patterning. The Starlase 300G boasts an output power of 300 W at a wavelength of 532nm.

Starlase 100UV

The Starlase 100UV offers greater than 100 W of output power at a wavelength of 355nm. Designed as a suitable replacement laser for XeF and XeCl Excimer systems, the Starlase 100UV provides an solution for thin film processing of flexible displays, LCD's and solar cells.

Once released into the marketplace, the 100UV will complete the portfolio of products Powerlase needs to address all thin-film patterning applications on a range of commonly utilised substrates. In addition to the available high power, the laser is specifically designed with a beam quality optimised for easy homogenisation, enabling a highly uniform spatial profile for all mask imaging applications.

Other applications include laser setting and structuring of epoxy resins, illumination sources in lithographic exposure systems and engine cylinder head surface contouring, designed to improve emissions and oil consumption for today's stringent automotive environmental considerations.

Tony King, CEO of Powerlase comments, "We are committed to developing laser technologies that impact the markets we serve. Everything we do starts with the customer in mind and with a real world appreciation for the potential application use for each laser. The Starlase 300G and Starlase 100UV have been designed with this in mind and we're looking forward to further developing the applications with our customers."

Contact: Annette Jones

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