1 July 2007

Newport Announces the Availability of Doubled SmartTable® Optical Tables

Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in laser and photonic solutions that Make, Manage, and Measure LightSM, today announced that it's ST Series SmartTable and SmartTable-UT optical tables are now available in doubled configurations. As a result, the company can now provide superior performance of its patent pending intelligent Q - "iQ Damping Technology™", in L-shaped and end-to-end configurations.

"Once again, Newport has redefined the industry standard for vibration control with our new doubled SmartTable and SmartTable-UT product families," said Thomas Bartholomäus, Product Manager for Newport. "When we first introduced the SmartTable product families, we delivered vast improvements in damping, settling time, long-term stability, and flexibility".

Newport's doubled SmartTable and SmartTable-UT optical tables use the company's patent pending iQ Damping TechnologyTM to actively monitor, report, and adjust table-damping performance. This provides a dramatically quieter table surface which results in faster settling times, minimized relative motion of the table top, long term stability and the ability to make measurements that previously required the quietest lab environments. The fully integrated doubled ST Series SmartTable incorporates factory installed iQ dampers. The doubled ST-UT Series is a broadband damped RPR Series optical table that has the capability to be field upgraded with iQ dampers as application requirements become more stringent.

Contact: Jon Richardson

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