9 July 2007

JPSA Introduces IX-4000 ChromAblate™ for Medical Device Manufacturing

The new IX-4000 ChromAblate™ from J P Sercel Associates (JPSA) is an excimer laser workstation designed for medical device micromachining applications. The IX-4000 precision micromachines materials with micron-scale features and sub-micron tolerances. Typical applications include stents, catheters, micro-fluidics, sensors, nozzles, micro-screens, particle traps, MEMS, MOEMS, micro-dicing, biosensors (lab-on-a-chip), micro-vias, and more. Materials processed include polymers and plastics, ceramics, glass materials, metals, and many others.

Whether machining micron-scale features or configured for large area processing of micron-scale feature arrays, the IX-4000 is engineered for 24/7 industrial production with a high degree of flexibility and configurability. An optional 193nm beam delivery package is also available, useful for materials that do not couple well with the longer UV wavelength (e.g., Pebax), and other more optically transparent materials.

This high-performance system is available with production-grade robotics, part pre-aligners and machine vision, all combined in a user-friendly Class I laser system.

The IX-4000 also offers a large workspace, so it can be configured with stages able to handle parts up to 300mm, or alternatively used in reel-to-reel applications. Additionally, the IX-4000 provides a uniform beam profile, with a variety of imaging and non-imaging homogenizers available for the most demanding large-area applications.

Contact: Adrian Baughan

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