9 July 2007

Laser cut through thick and thin with one head

Faster processing times, higher dynamics, shorter auxiliary times and increased process security are the credentials of the new TruLaser 5030 that make it the new Trumpf flatbed laser flagship. A key feature is the machine's new cutting head that processes all sheet metal thicknesses eliminating the need for head-changing. Greater process control, intelligent collision protection and modular automation characterise this latest generation machine.

Central to the performance of the TruLaser 5030 is a single cutting head whose design allows all sheet material, regardless of its thickness, to be processed. This one-lens-fits-all development is clearly of considerable benefit to those seeking the automated processing of different material thickness in a single shift. The machine automatically adapts the laser beam to suit the thickness of material being processed, eliminating the need to change the head.

The higher flexibility and productivity that the single head concept affords is complemented by an optional nozzle changer that automates the maintenance processs, ensuring a consistent, high quality cut. A faster pallet changer is also featured on this machine reducing exchange time to just 20 seconds.

A 20% improvement in axis speed is another contributor to the machine's higher productivity. The TruLaser 5030 inherits the proven drive concept of its predecessor with linear drives in Y and Z and the gantry system in X.

Another important introduction with the TruLaser 5030 is the new FastLine process that optimises the entire cutting operation. For thin sheet in particular this facility can reduce processing time by up to 50%. In tests a 2mm stainless steel part processed on the machine's forerunner, the TC L3050, was completed in 125 seconds and on the TruLaser 5030 with Fastline, just 62 seconds; (drawing of the part is attached). The optimised laser power used as a result of Fastline also reduces slag splashes, increasing the quality of the finished part.

The TruLaser 5030 is exceptionally reliable thanks to robust process security. Integrated collision protection ensures the head remains free from damage should a collision occur. It simply folds away from the processing area in the event of a problem. After a few moments it will automatically return to its correct position allowing the resumption of part processing.

The proven TruFlow 6000 laser on the TruLaser 5030 is almost maintenance free thanks to its oil-free magnetic bearing radial turbine blower. This 6kW high-frequency laser guarantees the best beam quality whose power can be regulated to suit the need of the application. It is characterised by its ultra-compact construction, high long-term stability and low gas consumption.

Contact: Gerry Jones

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