9 July 2007

Powerful and reliable New fast-flowing CO2 lasers from TRUMPF

The new TruFlow 8000 combines a high degree of process dependability with the highest possible capability for welding and cutting applications. The TruFlow 8000 now comes in the small form factor of the compact TruFlow series and guarantees an output power of 8 kW. "Thanks to its small design, the lasers can be easily integrated into machines and systems," explains Dr. Michael von Borstel, director of development and production technology at Trumpf Laser - und Systemtechnik GmbH. "Our high-performance CO2 lasers are being used in various systems for cutting, welding and surface treatment. Over 14,000 units installed worldwide are proving themselves daily.

Compared to the previous TruFlow 8000 that was part of the large laser series, the new TruFlow 8000 increases the beam quality to 6 mm*mrad (K=0,55) instead of 13 mm*mrad. When it comes to welding, it has considerably improved results compared to the previous TruFlow 8000. Specifically, it achieves the same welding speeds as the TruFlow 12000 for welding depths under 6 mm. The consumption of laser gas still only comes to one-third the previous level of gas consumption. Standard features include a diamond output mirror, temperature monitoring of all resonator optics and optical monitoring of the output mirror.

The fast, axially flowing lasers from the TruFlow series are modular in design and based on a scalable concept. They cover the entire performance range from 700 W up to 20 kW. All TruFlow lasers incorporate high-frequency excitation, a compact and robust square-shaped footprint as well as maintenance-free, magnetically suspended turbo radial blower. The latter offers the greatest efficiency in gas circulation and thereby the best cooling and optimum efficiency.

Contact: Gerry Jones

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