23 July 2007

Get inspired by iDRIVE® – Scanlab´s fully digital control concept

Scanlab´s has introduced iDRIVE®, a fully digital control concept addressing the closed loop between the galvanometer's digital driver and the PC control board RTC®5.

The RTC®5 communicates with the intelliSCAN® via a revolutionary scan head communication protocol. Among other features iDRIVE® offers simultaneous real-time monitoring of multiple galvanometer parameters and operational status. This capability is indispensable for processes requiring monitoring and traceability on-site or by a remote control centre.

With iDRIVE®Â´s enhanced communications a programmer can simulate the scanning process by comparing the actual scanned position with the programmed position for a given speed.

Process development time is significantly reduced as optimization of scan head settings occurs without manually inspecting the processed material. Another control feature of iDRIVE® is proportional laser pulsing where speed feedback from the galvanometer is used to modulate the laser, ensuring consistent energy deposition and eliminating burn-in effects.

Multiple dynamics settings are stored on the intelliSCAN® electronics. These are derived from mathematical models and are selectable for each vector. Optimized dynamics settings specific to process requirements enable faster and more precise positioning. The scan head´s digital control consumes significantly less power resulting in better temperature stability during highly dynamic operation.

At present iDRIVE® technology is available for scan heads with apertures ranging from 7 mm to 30 mm.

Contact: Viola Schulze

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