23 July 2007

Janet Stoyel wins award for ‘cutting edge' scarf designs

Janet Stoyel, owner of The Cloth Clinic and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of West of England, Bristol has been shortlisted by the UK's Giftware Association for its Annual Gift of the Year Awards for her unusual eco-friendly wraps and scarves.

Through The Cloth Clinic, Janet designs and creates futuristic and revolutionary textiles and products without resorting to any dyes, chemicals, wet processes or stitch in creative manufacturing processes, using CO2 laser and ultrasound technology.

In 2006 Janet designed a collection of Laserlace™ scarves specifically for sale through the Museum of Modern Art (New York) stores worldwide, with over 4,600 scarves in four exclusive colourways having so far been sold through these outlets.

Janet was also responsible for specifying and installing three laser systems at the University of West of England, forming part of the Techno-Crafts equipment in the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR). "The laser systems are being worked extremely hard, not just by students and staff but also by businesses in the area and other artists," said Janet.

Janet has also installed a laser system at Woodbury University in Burbank, California. "This now works 20 hours a day," said Janet. "It has totally revolutionised the Graphics and Architecture work and is extremely popular with a waiting list of participants and staff."

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