23 July 2007

Laserdyne® User Group Meeting

Prima North America announced that Laserdyne Systems will hold a User Group Meeting October 3rd and 4th, 2007 near its Champlin (Minneapolis), Minnesota facility.

The first day of the two-day conference will feature speakers from Laserdyne, as well as system users from around the world. The second day will include a tour of the Laserdyne facility. The plant visit will use the Technology Center's systems for demonstrations based on the previous day's presentations. The meeting, as well as the plant visit, will focus on addressing every day challenges in laser processing and obtaining the best quality and productivity from systems.

Terry VanderWert, President of Prima North America, made the announcement saying, "Laserdyne User Group Meetings began over twenty five years ago at the request of customers and became a popular and productive forum for the exchange of information and ideas. We have decided that it is time to meet again, to share information on new applications, products, and features of Laserdyne systems. We also intend the meeting to provide a forum for open discussion on our systems."

There is no cost to attend the meeting other than travel and living expenses. Laserdyne will provide lunches both days and dinner on Wednesday, October 3rd. A Group Discount rate has been arranged with the hotel at which the meeting will be held. "Given feedback from previous meetings, I encourage all users of our systems to consider attending. We expect a large and diverse group."

Laserdyne Systems is dedicated to providing the most productive laser systems worldwide. These systems have become the standard in aerospace, turbine engine, and medical industries. The company is preparing for a large number of attendees at the User Group Meeting where it will announce and demonstrate its latest technology.

Contact: Mark Barry

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