6 August 2007

Domino announces appointment of new product director for laser

Domino Printing Sciences, the world-leading ink jet and laser manufacturer, has announced the appointment of Thorsten Föcking as Product Director for Laser, taking international responsibility for Domino's complete laser product range, advising on market strategies and providing product leadership through global sales channels.

Thorsten brings over ten years experience in the laser industry to this role. Having studied laser technology, he went on to work at Rofin-Sinar Laser as a Product Manager before becoming Sales Manager at Sator Laser. When Sator became a Domino company in 2005, he moved to the international distribution department to work as Laser Business Development Manager. Throughout his career, Thorsten has worked with many OEMs such as Uhlmann, as well as large pharmaceutical companies like Astra Zeneca and Ciba Vision.

"The laser industry is fast-moving so market leaders such as Domino have to be able to develop products rapidly, according to customer demands," said Thorsten. "My key objectives in this role are to provide product leadership for the laser business and maintain Domino's leading position in the industry in all the relevant markets. Given the continuous market growth and following the launch of our S-Series plus range of scribing lasers last year, I look forward to some exciting times ahead. With the strong team that I have behind me, I am confident we'll further increase our market share and sales opportunities."

Nigel Bond, Group Managing Director of Domino Printing Sciences, commented that "Whilst this is a fiercely competitive market place, we've seen a distinct rise in the use of laser technology for many different applications and replacing embossing technologies. Domino is committed to meeting customer demands through research and product innovation and has created scribing and dot matrix laser-coding systems that continually set the industry standard. Having worked in the international laser industry for so many years, Thorsten is the ideal candidate to maximise market opportunities and further strengthen Domino's global product management programme."

Thorsten will be based at Domino's headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

Contact: Thorsten Föcking

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