6 August 2007

Newport's expands its Excelsior® product line

Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division today introduced the two newest members of its Excelsior® low power, continuous wave (CW) laser family -- the Excelsior-1064 OEM laser with 500 mW of output power, and the Excelsior-1064 Scientific laser with both 500 and 800 mW of output power. Using Vanadate as the gain medium, these two newest lasers operate at the 1064 nm wavelength.

"We are excited to announce these new Excelsior-1064 lasers because we believe that they are an attractive solution for a wide range of applications including scientific research, bioinstrumentation, and metrology," said J├╝rgen Niederhofer, Product Manager for Spectra-Physics. "Like the entire Excelsior family, these latest additions are a reliable and low cost alternative to many DPSS lasers."

The company also announced that it will be showcasing the latest technology advancements in its 488 nm Excelsior and Cyan™ laser product lines during the LASER show. These demonstrations include a 100 mW Excelsior-488, which is world's smallest higher power 488 nm, a 75 mW Cyan laser, and a 20 mW Cyan power adjustable laser that customers can test on the show floor.

Niederhofer continued, "The higher power Cyan and Excelsior 488 nm lasers are very attractive to our customers because they provide higher power in a very small footprint. The power adjustable laser is also a key offering for our customers that want more flexibility with a blue laser. Each of these new models uses our existing platforms and do not require additional changes to current mechanics or software interface. As a result, they are a drop-in replacement for those customers that want higher power, but do not want to increase the size of the laser package or their instrument."

Spectra-Physics' innovative Excelsior laser platform includes low power continuous wave (CW) solid-state lasers at 375, 405, 440, 473, 488, 532, 561, 635, 785, and 1064 nm. They are excellent tools for a variety of scientific and OEM applications because they provide superior optical beam quality, exceptionally low optical noise, and high reliability. Offering the smallest footprint combined with industry leading footprint consistency, the Excelsior lasers are stand-alone devices that are easy-to-use and operate. An integrated active light loop guarantees that every Excelsior laser delivers outstanding output power stability over a wide temperature range. For each of the Excelsior scientific lasers, a built-in interlock interface and mechanical shutter ensure safe operation and CDRH compliance.

Contact: Jon Richardson

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