25 September 2007

Croft Engineering Services unveils new environmental initiative

The "Croft Interchange" is a new service created by Croft Engineering Services, of Risley, Warrington, as part of a Shell STEP programme, which aims to replace throwaway filters with metal filters, capable of being cleaned and refurbished.

The Croft Interchange is driven by the idea that many companies spend thousands of pounds every year on throwaway filters; a wasteful practice which draws on more resources, harming the environment.

This new service will address this problem, and instead of throwing away used filters, they can be sent to Croft Engineering Services who will assess whether there is an opportunity to supply a metal filter to do the same job.

Throwaway filters are typically sent to landfill and some even qualify as special, or hazardous, waste, which can be costly to dispose of correctly and harmful to the environment if it is treated as regular waste. Metal filters can be engineered to customer specifications to meet even the most stringent of filtration problems, and once they have been used, Croft Engineering Services can help devise an onsite cleaning method, or refurbish old metal filters, to ensure they can be reused. The waste produced by filtration can also be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, such as composting.

Croft Engineering Services may be able to help companies save money, reduce waste in their production, and help the environment.

Croft Engineering Services are happy to answer any questions on this new initiative.

Contact: Neil Burns

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