25 September 2007

JDSU's new diode chip technology provides highest available power and brightness at 808 nm

JDSU's new 2495-L3 series laser diodes offer 4W of power at 808 nm - twice the available power from previous generations of fibre-coupled single-emitter laser diodes. A 4.5W version is also available at 812 nm for applications with broader wavelength tolerances, such as medical and dental.

Distributed by Photonic Solutions PLC in the UK, the 2495-L3 series exploits JDSU's extensive telecommunications expertise to create a new laser diode chip with twice the reliable power and brightness. The 2495-L3 diode laser provides a brighter, more reliable optical pumping alternative to conventional multi-emitter (bar) diode lasers. In a typical configuration, several devices are bundled together to provide higher power. This arrangement provides much higher power per single fibre and the distributed architecture reduces the failure arising from a single point compared to that of bar technology.

The 4W version at 808nm is an ideal source for pumping of solid-state materials such as Nd:YAG and Nd:Vanadate to generate 1064 nm output.

Photonic Solutions PLC is the UK distributor of the JDS Uniphase range of commercial laser products. JDS Uniphase has a diverse portfolio of near infrared diode lasers, please contact us for information on the full range of diode lasers.

Contact: Douglas Neilson

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