25 September 2007

Laser Institute of America Teaches Laser Safety Via One-Hour Webcast

The Laser Institute of America (LIA) recently provided the educational content for a webcast about industrial laser safety which streamed over the internet on July 31st, 2007. Industrial Laser Solutions hosted the webcast on its official website with sponsorship from Fumex and Kentek, both Corporate Members of the LIA. Topics such as laser accidents, beam and non-beam hazards, and control measures were addressed to users of industrial lasers during the one-hour webcast.

Gus Anibarro, the Education Manager of the LIA, instructed the course. Anibarro currently teaches courses on laser safety, and this was his first time doing so via webcast. "It was a great new experience," Anibarro said. "I was able to reach an audience that was scattered all over the world."

Registered users viewing the webcast were able to email Anibarro questions, which he answered at the conclusion of the presentation. Among the many inquiries from laser users, Anibarro stated that the hazardous effects of laser beams on the eyes was of greatest concern. He said that he looks forward to instructing more courses on laser safety by means of webcast in the future.

The laser safety webcast will be available on-demand for one year on the official website of Industrial Laser Solutions. For more information about the webcast, or to view it, visit

Contact: Gus Anibarro

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