25 September 2007

Mayflower news

Mayflower Technology, Sheffield is investing in excess of £1 million in Bystronic Technology.

The investment comprises a high specification Bystronic Bystar 4020 laser system equipped with Bystronic's most powerful 5.2 kW resonator, pulse piercing and sheet loader, and a Bystronic Byjet 12 by 3 m waterjet system equipped with separate, dual light guarded cutting zones for tandem loading to allow increased productivity and flexibility. To further increase productivity, it is also equipped with four cutting heads with independent height sensing X-axis carriages. The machine features two Bypumps.

Both machines are equipped with Team Master, a master control module for the administration and performance monitoring of several production machines.

Established in 1995, Mayflower Technology today offers complete manufacturing solutions to a broad spectrum of customers including a local Sheffield company that manufactures ice skates for which Mayflower supplies the skate blades. HD Sports has 85 per cent of the world market share for ice skates and at the last winter Olympics in 2006 in Turin, 21 out of 22 skating medals were won by skaters wearing HD Sports skates.

Contact: Simon Hurst

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