25 September 2007

Rofin Provides Laser Enhanced Security Features for FIFA

The FIFA World Championship in 2006 is all but a distant memory for most, except perhaps for the Italians, winners of the championship. The championship was the largest sporting event of the year drawing large crowds for all stages of the tournament, and placing a heavy burden of responsibility for safety and security on the organisers.

As for all major events, security measures for Officials, High Profile Guests and Employees are strict to ensure that only persons holding valid access passes are able to enter the stadium or certain restricted areas. In these times of ever increasing security and looking for new ways to ensure that these passes would be extremely difficult to counterfeit, the manufacturer of the passes turned to Rofin.

Laser Perforation

The company chosen by the organisers to produce the passes was Georg Kohl GmbH who are specialists in providing Ticketing and Passes for major events. Rofin engineers worked together with the customer to define a pattern of perforations on the Pass, some of which would be easily visible to the eye and some which would be more difficult to detect. These perforations increased the security features of the Pass, as only the security staff would know of the presence and precise location of these very small holes, ( Pic. 1 ) thus making the passes more difficult to counterfeit.

The perforation pattern generated by the Rofin StarShape 300 C Laser was in the form of a football, with additional perforation holes and lines in the area of the pass which incorporated the owners photograph. The laser perforations in this area make it impossible to remove the original picture without damaging the parent material. A three axis Galvo Head was used to cover the required working area for 2 Passes of 300mm x 300mm. Even with this large working envelope the laser produced perforated holes as small as 200 microns, and completed the perforation process for two tickets in 1 second.

Such was the level of security attributed to these Passes, that the German Police were present during the production of the 50,000 Passes which were required for the various stages of the championship. With the event brought to a successful conclusion a year ago, Rofin are now able to announce the small but important part we played in ensuring security during the event.

Laser Specification

The StarShape 300C Laser is manufactured by Baasel Lasertech a member of the Rofin Group, and is the perfect CO2 laser solution for challenging micro applications.

The StarShape range of lasers can be integrated into production lines or operate as stand-alone workstations. StarShape lasers are ideally suited for the processing of plastics, glass, paper and natural materials such as leather rubber and wood etc.

Contact: Dave McLellan

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