28 September 2007

Lasermet ADM-1000 A New Force in Advanced Laser Power Measurement Meter

The new ADM-1000 Optical Power Meter provides a quick and easy way to make accurate and repeatable optical power measurements for lasers, LEDs and other light sources.

The standard hand-held instrument can be connected to any of the new range of Lasermet detector heads, which include photodiode and thermal types.

With digital and graphical display modes you can measure and view waveforms of pulsed lasers on the ADM-1000's large illuminated display.

A full illuminated numeric keypad enables quick and easy control and data entry.

Detector Heads

Standard photodiode heads all have integrating spheres to eliminate reflections, allow easy alignment and highly accurate measurement.

Market leading rise-times enable display of pulses down to 2 us and PRFs in excess of 400 kHz with photodiode heads. Thermal heads have advanced speed up circuits giving a rise time of 0.1 s; effectively instantaneous when being used for laser tuning.

Advanced integrated stabilisation circuitry massively reduces drift for thermal heads.

All heads are supplied with a calibration traceable to National Physical Laboratory standards.

This hand held Advanced Digital Meter includes the following functions:

  • Average Power Measurement
  • Peak Power Measurement
  • Energy per Pulse Measurement
  • Digital Readout
  • Bar Readout
  • Graphical Oscilloscope Mode Displays pulse waveforms up to 400 kHz
  • USB Connection to Computer
  • Automatic Head Detection
  • Auto or Manual Ranging

Integrating Sphere Photo-Diode Heads

Type Part No: Wavelength Range Detector
Standard IPDH-10S 400nm-1050nm Si
UV Enhanced IPDH-10S-UVE 200nm-1100nm Si
IR Enhanced IPDH-10S-IRE 800nm-2000nm InGAs

Maximum optical input power: 1 W
Minimum optical input power for useable reading: 0.1µW
Response Time when used with ADM-1000 (E-folding): 700ns

Thermal Heads

Incorporating: Advanced Drift Compensation and Speed up circuit for super fast response time (0.1 s)

Type Part No: Max Av. Power Detector
Standard ITDH-100P 20 W Peltier

Wavelength range: 180 20,000 nm Response time E-folding): 0.1 s

Contact: Paul Tozer

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