19 October 2007

Highest Available Pulse Energy from a Small Platform Excimer Laser

The EX350 from GAM Laser Inc. offers the highest available pulse energy from a small platform excimer laser. Offering up to 20 W average power at 248 nm when running at 100 Hz, this laser is the system of choice to provide high energy and high performance in a compact and low cost package.

Distributed by Photonic Solutions PLC in the UK, the EX350 laser is a total metal/ceramic laser housed in a single air-cooled table top package of dimensions 78 x 43 x 34 cm. Fully computer controlled, with corona pre-ionization, low trigger jitter and long gas lifetime, this single package laser has unmatched pulse-to-pulse stability.

Available at the following UV laser wavelength 157 nm, 193 nm, 248 nm, 308 nm and 351 nm, this laser can operate at 50 or 100 Hz with a pulse duration of between 18 and 22 ns. Long gas lifetime of up to 120 days and pulse component lifetime of greater than 1 billion pulses, results in a low maintenance and cost efficient laser system.

GAM LASER, Inc. manufacture the most advanced, total metal/ceramic performance excimer lasers. No Halogen generators, cryogenic processors, fluorine injectors, water refrigerators or external vacuum systems are used in their systems. Their lasers offer the longest gas lifetimes of any excimer laser with pulsed ultraviolet excimer lasers and laser systems offering energy outputs from 2mJ to 200mJ with powers of 1W to 70W.

Photonic Solutions PLC is the UK distributor of the GAM Laser Inc. advanced excimer laser products. Please contact us for information on the full range of excimer lasers available from GAM Laser Inc.

Contact: Douglas Neilson

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