19 October 2007

Jewellery Marking Made Easy

Laser Marking is a PC-controlled, environmentally friendly alternative to mechanical engraving. The digital nature of laser marking offers a great variety of individual marking solutions.

The particular requirements of jewellery manufacturers were the prime focus for Rofin, when designing the new Easy Jewel marking system.

As a result, all typical jewellery marking tasks are performed effortlessly with perfect results every time. The numerous design features of Easy Jewel make the once difficult tasks, such as marking the inside of wide or irregular shaped rings, simple to achieve.

Just a few Steps

A single fixture is used to grip parts either internally or externally, thus providing the capability to produce marks not only on the inside and outside of the part, but also on the faces or edges of the part. Having entered the basic geometry and material parameters, the user can then determine the optimum marking position using the precise jogging feature, and then see a live preview from the on line camera, leaving no doubt about the position or quality of the finished product.

Complex Tasks Made Easy

Easy Jewel's sophisticated marking software automatically makes geometric corrections for applications which require a non-perpendicular approach top the marking area. Large marks can easily be achieved with the help of the Auto-tilting function within Easy Jewel.

Reliable Technology

Easy Jewel is an all in one compact and portable Laser Marking solution. Connection voltages of 100V-240V ensure quick and easy operation, and the Rofin advanced air cooling technology, means that no external cooling systems are required. The enclosed laser marking area ( Class 1 ) also means that the user does not have to wear laser safety goggles which enhances the operator experience when using the system.

Product Features

Easy Load simple and precise loading of regular and irregular shapes to a single fixture
Easy Position precise jogging function to determine the optimum marking position, plus software auto-correction and auto-tilting functions
Easy View live preview available from the online camera
Easy Marking task orientated and efficient work piece set up achieved by entering the part and material parameters
Easy Move compact and portable all in one solution

Rofin laser systems offer the benefits of non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent marking onto almost any type of material including platinum, gold, silver and titanium with high speed and high precision. The Easy Jewel system is suitable for jewellery manufacturing, trade shops and novelty product applications.

Contact: Mike Batchelor

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