19 October 2007

Rofin-Baasel Launches Fibre Laser Marker in the UK

With the already enviable reputation for offering the most complete range of lasers for marking applications, Rofin-Baasel UK Limited has demonstrated its determination to consolidate its position with the UK launch of the new PowerLine F fibre laser marker.

Wide Range of Applications

The PowerLine F is a 20 watt diode-pumped q-switched fibre laser which has been specifically configured for laser marking applications. With the capability to mark most metals (Fig.2) and plastics, this laser has the capability to be used on a broad spectrum of applications and across a wide range of industries, including Medical, Electronics, Aerospace and Automotive. With the standard 160mm lens the Galvo Marking Unit has an operating area of 120mm x 120mm, which can be extended up to 300mm x 300mm, by use of alternative lens options.

Flexible Integration

The flexible fibre technology of the PowerLine F enables easy integration into small machines and existing manufacturing lines and provides a number of distinct advantages for Integrators or Machine Builders. The compact design of the Laser Head and Galvo Marking Unit means that a minimum of space is required within the machine or manufacturing line where the marking operations are to take place. The supply unit, which is where the laser beam is generated, together with the PC unit can be rack mounted alongside other electronic equipment such as PLCs, which may be part of the machine or manufacturing line control system.

Efficient & Reliable Technology

Air cooled and with power consumption of only 300w, the PowerLine F has been designed to be efficient and economical to operate. This laser is also low maintenance, so overall running costs will be minimised with system availability and up times maximised by the long laser lifetime, anticipated to be in excess of 50,000 hours.

Rofin offers the most complete range of lasers for marking including CO2, YAG, Vanadate and Fibre lasers. Rofin also provide solutions for Fine Cutting and Welding applications.

Contact: Mike Batchelor

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