19 October 2007

Synthetic wine corks decorated and marked be means of direct gravure printing and cliché engraving by means of a laser unit combined in a compact machine concept – the Cork-Printer Universal by TAMPOPRINT AG

There is still a trend towards individualisation of various products. Production lot sizes are declining. This requires a high flexibility, in this case regarding lot sizes and motif change. Lot sizes from 30 up to 4.500 pcs./h can be cost-efficiently marked (vector oriented line motifs) with this automation for synthetic corks with a combined machine concept, consisting of a hermetically sealed ink/doctoring system and a laser system component. The fabrication of the printing plate with the integrated laser unit allows to change motifs quickly. The printing plate or cliché production by means of laser takes place within seconds onto the integrated flexible and novel cliché band; 25 mtr. are here available. With a motif length of approx. 70 mm, given by the cork diameter, approx. 250 different motifs on one cliché band are possible, without the hitherto necessary cliché change. The costs for pre-press and cliché production that were necessary so far will be drastically reduced or will not arise at all. The change of printing inks can be carried out within few minutes. UV, solvent or water based printing inks can be used. The operation of the automation takes place via touch screen, PC and a powerful PLC control. Optional features such as alternative feeding systems, pre-treatment and after treatment of the cork surfaces, will complete the offer for this innovative printing machine for synthetic wine corks.

Contact person: Carmen Philipp

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