17 November 2007

New 9520 series of Pulse Generators from Quantum Composers take Pulse Generation and Digital Delay to new levels.

The 9520 series of pulse generators from Quantum Composers take the capabilities of pulse generation and digital delay to new levels by combining the very best in pulse generation features, with the resolution and accuracy of delays and widths that only a digital delay generator offers. As such, this single bench top unit is the instrument of choice to provide solutions for generation and synchronisation of multiple pulses and triggers for a wide variety of applications.

Distributed by Photonic Solutions PLC in the UK, the 9520 series of instruments offer fully independent external trigger control of width, rate, delay and amplitude of up to eight channels. This instrument is currently the only multi-channel unit available to permit differing rates for all the channels. Conventional pulse generators do not offer the fine resolution and accuracy of delays and widths that digital delay generators do. The 9520 on the other hand, provides 250ps resolution with less than 200ps jitter.

Key features include:

  • Internal rate generator with 10ns period resolution
  • Complete channel and system set-up stored in memory
  • Automated test sequencing and field programmability via RS232. USB, GPIB and Ethernet available as an option
  • Single Cycle pulse by pushbutton or reference trigger
  • External clock syncing functions
  • Dual gate and/or trigger inputs
  • Optional optical triggering inputs and outputs

Three models of the 9520 pulse generator are available: the 9522, 9524 and 9528. All models feature 250ps timing resolution with less than 200ps jitter but differ in respect to the number of fully independent outputs. The 9522 offers 2 independent outputs, the 9524 four, and the 9528 eight independent outputs.

Photonic Solutions PLC are the exclusive U.K. distributor of Quantum Composers range of high performance pulse generator, signal generator, digital delay generator and current generator systems. Contact us for further information on either the 9520 pulse generator or the full range of precision pulse generators available from Quantum Composers.

Contact: Doug Neilson

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