17 November 2007

New laser cuts profiles 60% faster at BJF

Installing a new Trumpf TruLaser 5030 Classic CNC laser profiler at the Kent facility of BJF Lasers has helped speed profiling times by 60%, according to Managing Director Bernie Faiers. Furthermore, in a concerted investment drive, the company has diversified into new markets by installing a Trumpf Tubematic tube processing centre at the same time.

Founded in 1995, BJF Lasers Ltd has entered a period of significant growth since Mr Faiers purchased the company three years ago. Then, annual company turnover stood at £600,000 – today it is £1.8 million. The company also only had two laser profiling centres, while today there are four.

The latest of these, installed in March 2007 at BJF Laser's facility in Rochester, is a Trumpf TruLaser 5030 Classic. Interestingly, the company's existing three laser profiling centres were all supplied by a European competitor of Trumpf.

"That company has now lost our business," says Mr Faiers. "We moved to Trumpf because of the quality of their equipment, the support they provide and the user-friendly nature of the machines – not forgetting speed of course. I estimate the TruLaser 5030 Classic is around 60% faster than our existing machines due to its piercing and cutting speed. We will now look to replace our existing three laser machines with Trumpf models in the coming years."

Since installation, the TruLaser 5030 Classic has been set to work producing profiles from all kinds of steel, including stainless, up to 20mm thick. Batch sizes for profiling contracts in sectors such as architectural, civil engineering and shop fitting range from 1-off up to 20,000.

Sheet metal profiling, however, is no longer the sole business concern at BJF Lasers, as Mr Faiers explains: "In the time since I bought this company I have seen many tube opportunities for which I couldn't tender. It was time to change this situation."

Installed at the same time as the Trumpf laser flat sheet cutter, the Tubematic has already attracted new business with "much more still to be investigated". Jobs currently being processed on the machine, which can handle tube up to 152.4mm diameter, include car chassis components, boiler parts and hand rails. Batch sizes for tube work at BJF Lasers range from 10-off up to 5,000.

The Tubematic makes it possible to cut tubes and profiles into sections in a single operation including the production of recesses and contours. In addition, installation aids integrated into the tube simplify subsequent work steps. Peg and clip connections eliminate the need for fixtures and time-consuming alignment work. Furthermore, a new part removal station optimises access for removing finished parts.

Both Trumpf machines are programmed off-line to fit in with the company's rapid turnaround of work. Working 24 hours a day, five days a week, BJF Lasers can offer a same day service if required.

"Our price and delivery is what sets us apart from our competitors," concludes Mr Faiers. "Moreover, with our increased flatbed laser capacity, our new tube machine, and a host of other new technologies, I would argue that we are now the largest ‘diverse' profiler in the southeast."

Contact: Gerry Jones

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