17 November 2007

Prima celebrates 30 year anniversary with record sales

Prima is celebrating 30 years in the industrial laser business by posting the best financial results in the group's history. Consistent growth across all areas of the business during its last financial year has enabled Prima to record a 2006 turnover figure of 150 million Euros, an increase of 33% over the previous 12 months.

"The goals achieved by the company reflect the effort, passion and skill of everyone who has worked and still works for Prima Industrie," commented group President and CEO, Gianfranco Carbonato. "They also demonstrate the respect and loyalty of our customers, share holders and partners. My gratitude goes to everyone devoted to continuing this success in the future."

Established in the spring of 1977 under the name Prima Progetti, Prima Industrie initially developed a vast range of hi-tech products for use in industries as diverse as robotics, electronics, measuring machines and industrial automation.

In 1979, Prima installed the first laser cutting machine for processing large 3D pressed components, quickly establishing its market leadership position in this sector.

During the late 1980s, the company increasingly focused on laser machining, divesting its interest in other activities, such as measuring machines to Finmeccanica and robotics to ABB.

Expansion of its 3D range with the Optimo and Rapido models was followed in the early 1990s with the company's entry into the expanding 2D machine market through acquisition of Swiss company, Laserwork. Consistent growth in this market established Prima as a world leader in this sector with machines such as the Platino (introduced in 1996) and the innovative Syncrono (launched in 2005).

Continued expansion during the mid 1990s was backed by the company's ISO 9001 certification in 1997. In parallel, sustained investment in Research and Development led to further additions to the product range with the introduction of new Optimo and Rapido models, along with machines such as the Domino, Mosaico and Maximo.

Establishment of the company's first Chinese joint venture, Shenyang Prima in 1999 was followed by Shanghai Unity Prima in 2003 and more recently, OVL Convergent.

By the end of the same year, Prima Industrie had been successfully floated on the Italian Stock Exchange (currently in the MTAX, STAR segment). The listing underpinned further growth, with two acquisitions in the United States (Convergent Energy in 2000 and Laserdyne in 2001) opening the way for Prima Industrie to produce its own laser generators under the name Prima North America. This development helped to establish a strong base in this region, as well as Prima's leadership in laser drilling technology within the aerospace sector. In parallel, the group's presence in Asia has been expanded through its Japanese joint venture, SNK Prima.

During 2004 and 2005, the group consolidated its sales and service operations in Europe, with Prima Scandinavia AB, Prima Industrie UK and Prima Industrie GmbH joining other branch offices in Spain, France, Switzerland and the Research Centre in Bari.

During the past two years, Prima's leadership in the laser machine sector has been underlined with the introduction of its Syncrono and Rapido Evoluzione models, which have been confirmed as the most innovative machines in their respective sectors (2D and 3D profiling) through international awards won at Birmingham in the UK and Hanover in Germany.

Prima Industrie's 30th anniversary has also been marked with the launch of the group's new website at: With a wealth of new content, the redesigned site includes further details and images of the company's anniversary celebrations.

Contact: Joe Attuoni

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