29 November 2007

The Legacy Lives On

The Laser Cutting Co was sad to announce the death of John Stalker, Managing Director, in October this year following a lengthy battle with cancer.

John and Dee purchased the business, which had been in operation since 1981 in December 2003 and have since transformed it with massive new investment and a whole new ethos on quality, productivity and customer focus.

John had previously been Managing Director of Van Leeuwen Precision Tube a global supplier of specialist tube and accessories into the petrochemical, construction and many other diverse industries. The transition into laser cutting of tube and plate came easily for John maintaining many long-standing and beneficial business relationships. He built a new management team and together they grew the business back into a premier position in the Laser Cutting market place.

John was promoted at the age of 25 to be the youngest MD ever in the Ductile Steels Group and went on to other divisional appointments in the Glynwed International Group, parts of which are now AGA Foodservice or owned by Caparo.

John's career progression took him from MD of individual companies within Glynwed to manage multiple businesses across the UK, France and Canada, some of which were, for the nostalgic, Wednesbury Tube, George Gadds, W Wessons Steel, Firth Cleveland and Hub Tubes etc. John rose to Group Divisional Director and was a charismatic and sometimes maverick driving force on the Operations Board of Glynwed Steels for many years.

The team at Laser Cutting headed now by Dee Wilde are ploughing on aggressively with the vision to be a premier supplier of laser cut metal components to blue chip and OEM partners, and have a massive ongoing investment plan which will see further new automatic loading machines installed in two tranches during 2008.

Dee says, "John was proud of the achievements that we were continuing to make at the business. During his illness he was always heartened to see the monthly management figures showing the bottom line going from strength to strength."

Laser Cutting are the premier laser tube supply and cutting sub contractor in the North of England and service clients needs from Scotland to the South Coast. Unusually Laser Cutting Co are skilled in flat and bent components as well as tubular components and this combined package works very well for of their many prestigious clients including Tanfield Group, Nifty Lift and Hope Technical Developments.

Contact: Dee Wilde

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