2 December 2007

Rofin CO2 Lasers are the workhorses of the industrial laser world

Rofin CO2 lasers have built a reputation for ease of use, high reliability and low maintenance, firmly establishing them as the workhorses of the industrial laser world. However, the SCx range continues to be used in new and innovative ways.

SCx Range light, compact & powerful

The SCx range of sealed CO2 lasers offers a choice of output power from 100W up to 600W enabling the SCx range to be applied to a broad spectrum of applications. The small, lightweight and compact design of this range of lasers means that they are easily integrated into many different production processes. Excellent beam quality K0.9, is derived from the integrated beam shaping module, enabling this range of lasers be used for the most demanding tasks.

Rofin SCx lasers are used to cut textiles, plastics, wood and glass and it is also possible to apply this type of laser to cutting applications on thin sheet metal.

Fully integrated laser robot

The attributes of high power, reliability and compact size of this range of lasers were key factors in the decision by Robot Technology GmbH to use the Rofin SCx range of lasers for integration into their Robocut laser cutting robot system. Robocut combines Robot Technology's innovative design concept with the attributes of the Rofin SCx range and the flexibility of the ABB IRB4400 robot system.

The result of this partnership is a uniquely compact and powerful laser robot system which is used by automotive 1st and 2nd tier suppliers to produce high quality interior and exterior trim components. Examples of components being cut using Robocut include front and rear door panels and load space trim components. Exterior parts such as front and rear bumpers are also processed using this system.

Reliable technology in a demanding world

The demanding nature of the automotive supply chain is well known and in this environment Rofin SCx lasers are being used 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. The reliability and low maintenance characteristics of the SCx range ensure high uptimes and therefore an extremely economical cutting process, with the laser exceeding 16,000 hours before requiring re-charging.

The reliability and performance of the Rofin laser enables Robot Technology to provide their customers with a high quality laser cutting system that can match the expectations of the user and the industry for years to come.

Rofin offers a complete range of lasers including CO2, YAG, Vanadate and Fibre Lasers. Rofin also provides solutions for laser marking and welding applications.

Contact: Dave Tinker

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