2 December 2007

StarWeld Tool Open – taking the process to the part

The high duty cycles demanded of mould tools, punching systems and forming tools means that tool wear and damage are inevitable. Not only are the repairs themselves often very expensive, but the downtime experienced during the repair process adds to these costs in terms of lost production.

StarWeld Tool Open is a new system from Rofin which enables high quality repairs to be completed in a fraction of the time, by eliminating the time-consuming task of de-mounting large tools or moulds prior to the repair process. This fully self-contained and mobile laser welding system allows the user to take the process to the part and achieve repairs which have material qualities equal to the original specifications.

Everything on board and fully portable

All of the system elements including 150W of laser power, integrated water / air cooling system, positioning arm and an XYZ axes system are neatly integrated into a compact unit. A counterbalanced positioning arm enables the welding head to be easily positioned through a working range of 1.7m in the horizontal plane and 1.8 m in height, providing access on large moulds or tools.

The integrated positioning axes are controlled using a joystick and the user is also able to view the welding process using a microscope or the optional camera and LCD screen.

Precise weld seams from high beam quality

The StarWeld Tool Open contains an Nd:YAG laser source which was specifically designed for use with optical fibres, and the Sweet Spot resonator® ensures the highest beam quality straight from the first pulse. Pulse shaping together with a motorised focus adjustment from 0.4mm to 1.6mm, provides a wide range of options for weld seam configuration ensuring that any post process work is kept to a minimum and making the repairs even more cost effective.

The StarWeld Tool family of lasers from Rofin covers the entire range of laser deposit welding applications within the mould tool and die manufacturing and repair industries. This comprehensive range of laser products is complimented by extensive application knowledge providing customers with a reliable solution based upon practical experience.

Contact: Dave MacLellan

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