10 December 2007

High efficiency, high beam quality, high power

The new Trumpf TruDisk 8002 has the power and processing efficiency for extremely tough jobs with an exceptional beam quality normally associated with an altogether less powerful laser. Powered by four disks and 16 pump modules this is the first ever disk laser with 8kW of output power. With an electrical efficiency of 25% it also has a low running cost.

The high power and high beam quality of this laser source opens up an enormous range of applications. It can process almost all materials with ease, even highly reflective metals such as copper or aluminium. It is able to create a weld 10 mm deep in mild steel at a speed of 1m/min. At a welding speed of 20m/min a weld depth of 3mm can still be achieved. This high processing speed naturally allows shorter cycle times and higher throughput.

The Trumpf TruDisk 8002 is especially suited to the more difficult welding jobs on thick sheet metal. Similarly, it can be used for hybrid welding and cutting thick sheet. Typical applications are heavy duty welding of construction equipment, heavy machinery, shipbuilding and vehicle manufacture.

The modular concept of the TruDisk with proven standard components makes it very easy for the system to be modified or extended. At the same time, the advantages of flexible laser beam guidance using an optical fibre cable in tandem with the Trumpf Lasernetwork control system bring significant production advantages.

As well as the beam guidance components, a heat exchanger can be integrated into the laser device eliminating the need for an external chiller and bringing all the necessary components for beam generation and guidance into a single compact housing.

Of particular customer benefit on Trumpf disk lasers is the ‘user space'. On the laser machine the plug-in connector for the laser light cable is separated from the optics by a sealed wall. This means that the laser does not have to be switched off when connecting or disconnecting the fibre optic cable. Further, the ability to uncouple components such as the pump diodes, resonator system and fibre optic cables ensure long term cost effectiveness and minimum downtime.

Contact: Gerry Jones

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