10 December 2007

M-Solv: A new UK manufacture of advanced laser microprocessing tools

M-Solv is a global company formed to advance laser micromachining applications. M-Solv performs application specific process research, design, engineering and manufacture of advanced laser processing tools for micron scale ablative machining and other specialised laser materials processing applications. The UK site will be a development centre, while manufacturing of machines will be done in a sister M-Solv company in Hong Kong.

The 3 founding Directors and other staff are all former employees of the renowned UK micromachining company Exitech and have over 80 years of combined experience in the development of new laser processing applications.

M-Solv has initially been commissioned and funded by a major Asian manufacturing company to provide niche microelectronics production machines for their internal manufacturing processes. The final microelectronics components are miniaturised and will be used in the fast growing portable and handheld electronics industry.

M-Solv's range of applications will be further extended to encompass areas where laser processing will be incorporated for economic and environmental reasons and to enable new manufacturing techniques and component design to be realised. These sectors include semiconductor, microelectronics and flat panel manufacture.

Contact: Adrian Baughan

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