8 January 2008

JDSU's most powerful fibre-coupled diode laser provides 10W of CW power

JDSU announces the release of the most powerful fibre-coupled diode laser solution with their next generation L4 platform. With this new platform, JDSU has increased the performance, power and efficiency of their diode lasers, achieving all this within a smaller footprint compared to previous designs. The reduced package size of the L4 platform enables OEM's to pack more diode lasers into a smaller space within their systems.

The L4 multi-mode pump modules offer high-brightness and simplified thermal management by distributing the diodes, allowing the use of either air- or water-cooled architectures with predictable high reliability. Expanded fibre delivery options are available with the L4 platform with the choice of 100mm fibre delivery either at 0.22 NA or 0.15NA. This allows for higher brightness with the fibre, or the ability to focus laser light in a smaller diameter for specific applications.

The first of the single-emitter diode lasers to be launched by JDSU that feature this newly designed package is the 6398-L4 series. Distributed by Photonic Solutions PLC in the UK, the 6398-L4 series diode lasers offer 10W of output power from a 105mm fibre into a 0.22 or 0.15 numerical aperture. Available at three wavelengths: 915nm, 940nm and 975nm, these diode lasers are designed for use in a broad range of industrial, medical and dental applications, including fibre laser pumping, materials processing and dental soft tissue surgery.

Photonic Solutions PLC is the UK distributor of the JDSU range of commercial laser products. JDSU has a diverse portfolio of near infrared diode lasers, please contact us for information on the full range of diode lasers.

Contact: Doug Neilson

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