8 January 2008

Laser marking system from Rofin

The EasyMark II system from Rofin provides access to areas of laser marking which were once seen as the domain of laser specialists only.

One of the most compact laser marking systems on the market, EasyMark II operates from a conventional 240 volt power socket, does not require any external cooling, and has the same safety rating as a CD player thanks to the fully enclosed marking area.

Versatile in operation

EasyMark II uses a diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser source and is capable of marking a wide range of materials including metal and plastic components. Optional linear and rotary axes mean that marking operations on both flat and curved surfaces can be easily achieved with a minimum of operator input. The system has a marking field of 120mm x 120mm and can accommodate components of 450mm x 150mm x 200mm in size.

The self contained and compact desktop configuration of the system means that the unit is easily portable, giving the user more freedom in the choice of location and operation.

Simple to use

The Visual Laser Marker (VLM) Software from Rofin allows the layout, generation and transfer of the required marking data to be sent straight from the PC to the laser marker. Focusing and positioning aids ensure that the system can be easily operated following a short introduction and training course.

Rofin laser systems offer the benefits of non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent marking onto a wide range of materials with high speed and high precision. The EasyMark II system is suitable for medical device manufacture, tool manufacture, job shop applications, jewellery manufacturing, and gift personalisation etc.

Contact: Michael Batchelor

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