8 January 2008

Laser Technology for Medical Device Manufacturing

With over 40,000 systems installed worldwide, Rofin has dedicated itself to becoming the leading manufacturer of lasers and laser-based solutions for industrial materials processing.

The quality and performance expectations of the medical device manufacturing industry are exceptionally high and the range of applications is wide and varied. Examples of welding, cutting and marking systems able to meet these demands will be included on the Rofin stand at the MEDTEC 2008 Exhibition.

Micro and Precision Welding

StarWeld Select is an ergonomically designed and fully integrated laser welding system. The system includes four high precision axes which can be controlled manually by use of a joystick or operated under full CNC control. This concept provides a high degree of flexibility for welding applications on medical device components. A flow controlled exhaust system with HEPA filters is also incorporated and a closed loop cooling system enables continuous operation.

StarWeld Select offers the user as much automation as they desire, with the minimum of complexity. All parameters are easily adjusted using the multi-function joystick and the large colour touch screen.

Laser Marking on Medical Components

The CombiLine Flexible laser workstation is designed for manual loading and unloading of components and is ideal for production of small and medium batch sizes.

The system is used widely for marking operations on medical instruments and implants. The ergonomic workstation has been designed to integrate a wide selection of Rofin laser sources, and options include –Lamp Pumped Lasers, Diode Pumped Lasers, Fibre Lasers and CO2 Laser sources.

Additional options are also available for motion stages, including horizontal and rotary axes, providing ultimate flexibility for a broad spectrum of marking applications.

All of the system elements are fully integrated to the compact machine housing, providing a small footprint and enabling easy installation. This together with low operating costs and ease of operation makes the CombiLine Flexible the first choice for medium batch marking applications.

Laser Cutting & Perforation of Polymers

Rofin offer solutions for cutting and perforation applications within the medical device and products markets.

A wide range of CO2 laser systems combined with high speed scanner heads or X,Y axes provide solutions for cutting and perforation of filter materials, biofilms and plasters etc.

Rofin-Baasel UK Limited can be found in Hall 12, Stand Number 533 at the MEDTEC 2008 Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham on 13th and 14th February 2008.

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