11 March 2008

FOBA Vision - Customer driven ? Laser focused

FOBA succeeded in reaching the forefront of laser technology with the development of the new IMP "Intelligent Mark Positioning" system together with the new high precision Vanadate DP10GS laser and these will both be on show at MACH 2008 on their distributors, Kaye-Dee Marking Solutions Ltd, stand 4516.

The patented IMP offers a unique means of improving marking precision with "through the lens vision" avoiding scrap, reducing setup cost, improving quality and increasing product throughput.  IMP's success is mainly attributed to its superior ability to improve marking and engraving processes.  Its unique capabilities to provide quick, on line part verification and accurate mark placement, have made IMP the product choice for the automotive, the medical and coin industries.

The Vanadate DP10GS is ideal for use when optimal laser beam quality and performance are required.  The system is especially suitable in the field of ID card and passport personalization, in particular for the marking of ID cards with grey scale images, as well as for lacquer removal to create day and night design.  Advantages include excellent laser beam quality and pulse-to-pulse stability, single phase mains connection, no cooling water and little servicing with long working life diodes.

As UK and Ireland distributors for FOBA, Kaye-Dee Marking Solutions have over 30 years experience of supplying, supporting and servicing both pad printing equipment and laser marking systems.  With over 20 staff and on site manufacturing they are an ideal partner for all your marking, engraving and printing needs.  They also distribute the high precision Swiss produced Teca-Print pad printers and quality printing inks from Ruco, Germany.

To see the combined advantages of the new IMP system and DP10GS laser or for information on all Kaye-Dees products and services please visit stand 4516 at MACH2008.

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