11 March 2008

Lantek brings Expert III and the latest version of Expert II to MACH

Lantek will be launching Expert II V27, the latest release of its sheet metal CAM software and demonstrating Expert III, its popular sheet metal job management system, at MACH 2008.

Expert II V27 includes a host of important changes, including a new interface which eases manipulation and viewing of nests through the nesting explorer menu, as well as providing floating, dockable panels which give information and control over the nesting process. 

The nesting capabilities have also been upgraded in Version 27. Colour coding eases part identification, and can be limited to zones on the sheet. Improvements to the dragging of nested parts provide collision avoidance against neighbouring components, ensuring that the resulting nest is valid. To provide extra flexibility, Expert II can now generate CNC code for several different machines simultaneously from one nest. This new capability will allow companies to maximise machine utilisation through last minute changes to the production cycle. Other improvements include manual multi torch nesting, handling of the Xp axis on Trumpf machines and new algorithms for remnant destruction on punching machines.

Lantek has introduced a completely new module for manufacturing mosaic patterns. The software will segregate material into different types, so that these can be nested together. It then provides an overall plan for the mosaic for identifying the final position of each part. Expert II V27 also provides new functionality for lead-ins, and loops for profiling operations, and has speeded up and improved the cutting of parts with a large number of holes.

Expert III, Lantek’s dedicated job management system, has been designed to suit the needs of sheet metal manufacturers. Starting with the quotation, Expert III can import CAD data or parts can be drawn directly in the system. Nesting groups the components as economically as possible on the sheet, and automatic cut length calculations and material cost data combine to produce an accurate cost per part. Shop floor documentation is automatically generated from the Expert III quotation, and feedback from the factory keeps managers up to date with the status of each job. The software also generates delivery notes and invoices, and interfaces with accounting packages, achieving substantial savings in administrative effort.

Sheet metal manufacturers visiting MACH will benefit from a visit to Lantek's stand (4581) to help them improve their cutting and nesting processes, and to see how Expert III will give them better control of their manufacturing helping them to win more profitable business.

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