11 March 2008

High Q Laser introduces the ultra compact femtoREGENTM

Photonics Solutions regenerative amplifierThe all-in-one regenerative amplifier system femtoREGEN UC (Ultra Compact) is based on the high end Yb-doped laser materials for future power and repetition rate scaling. It utilizes High Q Laser’s patent pending Intra-Cavity-Chirped-Pulse-Amplification (ICCPA) for ultra compact design.

The femtoREGEN UC integrates all pump laser diode modules, the seed oscillator and the amplifier in a single ultra compact housing. The seed laser is designed as a High Q Laser ultra compact (UC) module itself for high stability and compactness. The UC seed oscillator is operating with “de-rated” nominal pump current for longest MTBF and is based on High Q Laser’s patented resonator folding technique withstanding a 50 g shock test for most robust performance. The semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) assures passive and self-starting mode locking for high temporal stability.

The femtoREGEN UC comprises the resonator of the regenerative amplifier and the Pockels cell in one monolithic module, the proven High Q Laser IC (Industrial Compatible) module. The Pockels cell and its electric driver modules can both be independently replaced for an easy service in the field.
The femtoREGEN UC has a single 19” unit „all-in-one-electronics” hosting all supply and control functions for easy and true “turn-key” operation and facilitates system integration for OEM customers with a CAN bus and 24V power supply supply.

Customers benefit from the ongoing OEM production in quality, performance and investment cost. The high modularity ensures high temporal and spatial stability as well as easy service and maintenance resulting in low operation cost and high MTBF.

The applications of the femtoREGEN are in various markets:
Semiconductor: Mask repair, nano scale thin film ablation, waveguide writing, direct write lithography
Medical/Life Sciences: “Cold Ablation” of biological tissue in ophthalmology and neurology, femtosecond laser dissection, cell nano manipulation

Research: Ultrafast spectroscopy together with our High Q Laser wavelength conversion system (harmonics generation, OPA), non linear optics

Nano Processing: Laser ablation for most precise material ablation or changes, e.g. photovoltaics, flat panel display repair

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