11 March 2008

First ultra-fine cutting and welding system in the UK

Trumpf TruFiber 300Trumpf UK has just secured a highly significant order.  It is to supply the UK’s first TruFiber 300 solid state, ultra-fine cutting and welding laser. The laser will be used in conjunction with a Trumpf TruLaser Cell 3010 and the latest 3D version of the Programmable Focussing Optic (PFO). This approach gives high flexibility in terms of focus point manipulation, process capacity and speed.

The order was won against stiff competition.  The deciding factors were Trumpf’s ability to provide the elements necessary for beam guidance and focussing in combination with its machine tool know-how.  The resultant cell is capable of filigree cutting and high aspect ratio welding.

The exceptionally high beam quality of the TruFiber 300 meets the customer’s need for a process that ensures minimal thermal effect on exotic materials.  The focal diameter of the beam can be as small as 10µm.

As well as being prestigious this order also puts Trumpf firmly in the ultra-fine market.   The system is destined for initial use in R&D with a later transfer of its technology for production use. Further potential applications for the TruFiber 300 are in electronic and medical device manufacturing.
“The laser technology involved makes this a very exciting project,” explained General Sales Manager, Gerry Jones. “But of greater significance perhaps is that it will open-up doors to new markets for Trumpf in the UK.”

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