11 March 2008

Best beam quality from a disk laser

Trumpf Disc LaserFor a comparatively low purchase price the TruDisk 1000 disk laser from Trumpf provides exceptional cutting and welding capability.  With 1kW output, this laser precision cuts and welds thin sheets at speed, producing finest seam geometries; it is also ideal for robotic 3D cutting. 

This performance is thanks to the beam quality of the TruDisk which, at 2mm*mmrad, is the best of all the Trumpf continuous wave solid-state lasers.  This quality allows the use of a 50 micrometer laser light cable that permits higher processing speeds.  Exact focusing also enables longer processing distances to be accommodated for remote welding, for example.

A feature introduced with the TruDisk 1000 is the control system TruControl, software that has proven its abilities on the Trumpf TruPulse series.  As with the TruPulse lasers, TruDisk 1000 has a removable and easy to use touch-screen operator panel with turn-push buttons.  This latest addition to the disk laser range requires minimum floor space and is therefore easily accommodated in any industrial environment.

Low cost is another important feature of the TruDisk 1000.  It costs around 40% less than its predecessor the HLD1001.5.  However with the cost reduction has come even better performance and greater flexibility.  In common with all models in the TruDisk series, the TruDisk 1000 is based on standard components that provide both system modularity and economic efficiency.

The Trumpf TelePresence portal on the TruDisk 1000 facilitates convenient and secure maintenance, worldwide.

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