18 March 2008

Newport Announces the ProLite® Xt Cygnus High Brightness Fiber Coupled Stacked Arrays

ProLite Xt Cygnus fiber stacked arraysTucson, Arizona – January 22, 2008 – Newport Corporation’s Spectra-Physics® Lasers Division today introduced its cutting-edge ProLite Xt Cygnus fiber coupled stacked arrays.  With two versions – one providing more than 200 W of output power from a 200 µm fiber and another with 400W from a 400 µm fiber – the Cygnus series is the highest brightness fiber coupled diode solution available today.


Michael Atchley, Product Marketing Manager for the Spectra-Physics Lasers Division, stated, “Leveraging the proven performance of our ProLite Monsoon® series, our new Cygnus diode lasers have set the industry standard in power and brightness from a fiber coupled stacked array.  Delivering reliable performance across a variety of wavelengths, they are an excellent choice for advanced fiber laser pumping, direct materials processing, and applications in the aerospace, defense and homeland security market.”

The ProLite Xt Cygnus lasers are available at wavelengths of 915, 940, or 980 nm.  Active water cooling enables the low thermal resistance needed to drive the high power levels required to achieve extremely high brightness. In addition, the Cygnus series leverages technical advancements in individual device design and beam shaping to provide a brightness of more than 4 MW/cm2-sr. The field serviceable fiber design maximizes operational time for fiber pumping and other applications that require the highest performance.

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