29 March 2008

Ocean Optics? introduce the Maya2000 family of miniature spectrometers

Ocean Optics, the industry leader in miniature spectrometers has introduced the Maya2000 family of high-sensitivity back-thinned 2D FFT-CCD spectrometers. The un-cooled Maya2000 and the Maya2000Pro are particularly suited to low-light level applications such as fluorescence, DNA sequencing and Raman analysis due to their high quantum efficiency, high dynamic range and excellent UV response.


Back-thinned FFT-CCD detector technology is commonly used in high-end scientific grade spectroscopy instrumentation, but with the Maya2000 family, Ocean Optics are bringing the advantages of this technology to a more cost conscious range of instruments suited equally well to commercial or scientific applications. Back-thinned CCD area image sensors have a high UV response, great signal-to-noise characteristics and wide dynamic range, making them especially suited for low light level applications. Because of their great native UV response, FFT-CCD detectors do not require the applications of UV-sensitive coatings, which is common in standard CCD-array detectors. Moving away from the necessity to coat removes the problems associated with batch-batch variation with some UV coatings.

Distributed by Photonic Solutions PLC, the Maya2000 family offer the following features:
90% quantum efficiency
USB 2.0 interface
Optical resolution to ~0.035nm (FWHM)
Low noise electronics
14 grating options
Slits available in widths of 5mm, 10mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 200mm
Detector collection lens option for enhanced signal collection
Fully programmable strobe signals (single and continuous)
SpectraSuite spectrometer operating software

While the Maya 2000 and the Maya 2000Pro offer similar performance for most parameters, the Maya 2000 has a slightly faster readout time while the Maya 2000Pro provides better dynamic range and signal-to-noise.

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